Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are you a Coffee Snob??

I am not a coffee snob. I'm not even a huge coffee drinker. I never really was. I have developed an affinity to drinking coffee on occasion when I'm completely overwhelmed, overscheduled, and have looming deadlines (which has been the case more often recently). That being said I can say that I have drank more coffee in the last year than I did in all my previous years drinking coffee. I remember my mom drinking coffee every morning before work. The little Folgers crystals that came in a jar. One tablespoon in a cup of hot water. A little cream, lots of sugar. That's how she likes it. I was never a fan of the coffee crystals. I drank it every now and then because that's was was available at home but my first trip to Starbucks changed all that. Would Starbucks be considered gormet coffee?? Maybe, or maybe not. But it was my first taste at good coffee, and I haven't went back to those crystals yet.

Coffee really became popular for me in college. Pulling those all nighters studying (ok not really studying, he he) and having to be up early for those 7 AM classes, coffee became a regular way of life for me. After getting my first real job as a secretary for a CPA firm, coffee was the culture at work.  Now I drink coffee at least a 3 days per week and sometimes on the weekends. I just like it. And the weird part is that I actually have a cafeine allergy so instead of the energy boost, it totally relaxes me. Weird right??

When my doctor told me about my cafeine allergy, I instantly started researching coffee and it's effects. That led me to research different types of coffee's and tea's, and that in turn led me to a few coffee specific purchases.

Number # 1:

Today as I popped into my local starbucks, Double Grande Vanilla Latte was the drink of choice, I happened upon a French press. I've been looking into getting one of these at work for quite some time because I wouldn't have to have a full fledge coffee maker in my classroom.  These things can get pretty pricey but Starbucks had one for $16.95 and I thought that was a deal. I also got an accessories pack that included a measure, fill (looks just like a beaker from science class, a stir (which is just a wooden spoon, a steep (or a timer.....Gotta love the names), and a clean (which is just a spatula). Was this kit absolutely necessary?? Nope. Is it cute? Yep. And it was on clearance. I'm still a sucker for the clearance rack.

Number # 2



My starbucks orders have gotten very elaborate. I started off with the Grande Caramel Macchiato. Then it went to a Non-Fat Double Grande Caramel Macchiato, No Whip. Now my favorite is a Triple Grande Fat-Free Soy Vanilla Latte, No foam. Ok Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it's always weird to have to explain my order to my bff when she's picking up starbucks for us on the weekend. Can you please get me a Triple Grande Soy Vanilla latte no whip. The first time I said this she totally was silent on the phone and I could tell she was trying to figure out what the HELL i was talking about. lol.

Number # 3

So as much as I love starbucks, I sometimes feel that their coffee has a burnt taste. Now I'm not a professional coffee taster by any means but sometimes I feel that my coffee is burnt or the after taste is bitter. Can you burn coffee?? I guess the beans could burn?? And of course you can find tons of blog posts, websites, and articles online about how starbucks over-roasts their coffee beans. In any case,  I've been looking into other coffee brands and friends of mine have recommended tons of them to me,  but I live in the Houston suburbs and Starbucks is the coffee of choice out here. So off for more coffee induced internet research.  I definitely want to try Dunkin Donuts coffee because my friends up north really love it and we don't have Dunkin Donuts here in Houston.  ***I stand corrected. We have 3 Dunkin Donuts locations here in Houston. I will be making a trip there over the weekend.

I happened across a coffee company online via the NYTimes called Stumptown Coffee. They have a wide variety of coffee's from around the world but they are only located in NY, but thanks to the internet I can have the beans shipped right to my door. I'm told that a french press produces a much richer, better tasting coffee but only time will tell. I think I might do a comparison between Stumptown, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks coffee. I will let you guys know the outcome (from an ameatur's point of view of course).

So I know a few people who are coffee snobs but I certainly don't think that I am one of them. I'm just delving into the world of gormet coffee. And really, what in the world does gormet really mean? Is it gormet just because it's expensive? Hard to find? Not available to a mass market? Not known on a wide scale? Who knows. I just want coffee that taste good, if not great. And I'm on a mission to find it.

Are you a coffee snob?? Pop over to  to see. It is a pretty funny read.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Shopping Addiction-Relapse, Big Relapse.

Ok Ok. Yes I said it. "Hi, my name is Angee Lee and I have a shopping addiction."

Its true. Very VERY true. I SOMETIMES have a shopping addiction. It comes in waves though. Last year I went on a shopping fast and didn't purchase anything but gasoline and food (Bills paid of course) for 3 months. It was super fantastic. I thought that afterward I'd go on a binge but fasting from shopping actually carried over for the next 8 months. I didn't by clothes, even though I found some awesome coupons and deals. I didn't buy shoes, although I have a SERIOUS love of them. I didn't even my crafty stuff. Can you imagine I didn't stalk Papertrey Ink like I normally do every month on the 15th. I was so proud of myself.

Well christmas time came around and my will power went out the window. Actually it was after Christmas. Since I don't have children or a spouse I usually only buy for my parents and my brother. But I think I went a bit overboard for my birthday, which is on the 15th. I bought all crafty stuff for my birthday and mostly from Papertrey Ink. But the after Christmas/New Year sales were my doom this year. I've never been a holiday shopper. I don't normally like all the crowds around the holidays. But this year I got out with my friend, Ilene. I bought perfume (Michael Kors - Very Hollywood, Donna Karan - Cashmere Mist, Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb), sweaters, pajamas, boots (that I had to return later), and some costume jewerly.

But I got 2 big purchases that I love. Want to know what I got??

That is the Accucut GrandeMark. Yes, I did. I first saw this a few years ago when I was apart of a kit club with Marion Smith. (More on this later). I've seen quite a few people with them, Bona and Arlene.

When I first heard of the machine I immediately went to the website. Ummm. $595. I think not. I may have a shopping addiction, but I'm also a frugal shopper. I don't buy anything unless it's on sale, I have a coupon, or it's a super great buy.  I knew I could find one online for cheaper. It took me a long time  and I found a few on ebay but they weren't priced right for me and they didn't come up very often, but I finally found one last week on etsy and I ordered it. How much you may ask? $250. Yes, that is not a typo. Your girl is good like that. I can find a deal on almost anything. (And that included shipping...Ha!) I had to jump on that and I did. It should be delivered on monday.

Oh and it didn't stop there.

That's right. I've been eyeing this baby for quite some time. I'd made up my mind a long time ago that I wanted one but I didn't know when I'd get one. Well my bestie Ilene got one for Christmas and I knew I had to have one too. We  talk books, share books, and love books. It was just fitting that I needed one too. Plus when I heard this week about the new Kindle share feature I was sold. I ordered it this week and it should be here next week. I'm so excited about this.

So now my shopping is over. I'm fasting again from shopping for the next couple months, maybe. he he!!

In other news, my dear friend Marion invited me to be apart of her new kit club. How cool is that right! So the name of the club is Alpha Scrappa Omega. So cute, right?! Love that name. I will have more info on that soon.

Scrap Sweet,

Angee Lee

Friday, January 7, 2011

What I know about myself. So far.

I am kind.....because I love genuinely.

I am loyal.....even when I shouldn't be.

My favorite drink is sweet tea......southern style, iced.

I only drink coffee on a whim. Strong with lots of cream and a little sugar.

I can be very anti-social at times or the exact opposite on occasion.

I learned, this week, that I have a trust issues.

~I don't like being in crowds of people I don't know, or ones I do know for that matter.

~I don't like meeting new people, in the romantic sense. I like being in that comfortable place.

I avoid conflict like the plague.

I fear losing control of my thoughts, words, and my actions.

I've learned to work hard at controlling my feelings, and my tongue.

I often have anxiety about things that haven't happened yet but might.

I have an opinion about almost everything but will not tell you unless you specifically ask.

I have some of the best people in the world around me who love me just as I am right now, even when I don't sometimes.

I have been in some pretty dangerous situations and made it out alive. Thank God.

I am almost 30 and just starting to be happy with where my life is, where it's not, and where it's going.

Papercrafting, Photography, and my iMac changed my life. (Ok maybe not my iMac but I still love it.)

I am inspired the most by these crafty ladies. Sasha, Nichol, Karla & Maile

I started making cards after watching one of Kristina's videos on youtube.

I am still learning everyday about her, and most of the time, I like the person I see in the mirror looking back at me.

I don't know where the inspiration for this post came from but I'm pretty sure that this post had something to do with it. <3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Give credit where credit is due.......

Via q8alln1

I guess I never thought about it much. It still amazes me when I get a comment from one of my blog readers who are not family or one of my personal or online friends.

It's really amazing that my blog is read by people who have never met me  {all 1o of them......who I adore so much. :-)}

I teach it to my students almost daily being an English teacher.

And now today my twitter timeline is abuzz with it.

What am I talking about? Imitation, stealing, and plagiarism.

A few days ago a blogger friend and I face-booked about it when she saw that one of her readers had copied her post and posted it to her blog. Yes, she changed a few words. Yes, she made the references about her own life.  But No credit was given.  All in all she plagiarized someone's blog and passed it off as her own. She took an ORIGINAL concept and copied it. I'd call that plagiarism.

Today another of my favorite bloggers tweeted that someone had stolen their ORIGINAL website design, altered it slightly, and are now using it on their blog.

Another favorite blogger of mine retweeted a post by one of my favorite designers outlining what is appropriate and what is not appropriate in using her ORIGINAL artwork without express consent.

As a teacher I know that in my 8th grade class I have this conversation alot with my students. Taking someone else's idea and using it in any way WITHOUT giving credit to where the idea originated is NOT ok. I don't think I can make the point any better than Kelly did when she wrote this post. You should definitely go over there and take a look and make mental notes.

As a new blogger and a crafter lots of things that I post about have originated somewhere else or with someone else, but I make sure I give credit where credit is due. Most people love the idea that you agree and/or like their idea and are more than thrilled that their concept/idea is being spread via bloggers. But by all means, pay homage to that person for their inspiration. Not only does it let them know that you appreciate what they do, it's the fastest way to make friends online. I have met some great people through my blog, linking to other people's blogs, and retweeting links to other's blogs.

Don't insult someone who inspires you by stealing from them. No bueno.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

WIFOYT: Beyonce + Tom Ford = Amazing!!!

Hi all.

Welcome to the second day of the new year. It's amazing that in 6 months I will have been teaching for 2 years. Seems like yesterday I was trying to be one and now I am. Check that off the to-do list. Now I have 17 more months of graduate school before I obtain my masters degree and I'm so excited about this year. I have some big plans for the blog and I'm introducing the first one today.

WIFOYT = What I found on Youtube.

This is going to be a little feature where I share my youtube finds, be it crafty, fashion, makeup, or more. I am an avid blog hopper (via my google reader) and I'm frequently looking at youtube videos. I probably watch youtube more than I watch TV. I plan to change that up a bit this year too by crafting more and watching them less. On to the youtube feature.

Happened across this video while browsing Tumblr which directed me to this blog who posted this video from Youtube. Love all the mulitple connections right?! Anywhoo it's of Tom Fords Spring/Summer fashion show and it's fabulous. I've loved Tom Ford for quite some time, from afar of course, and this was no exception. There were lots of famous ladies, models, and actresses walking the catwalk in some amazing gowns. Love Love Love.

And I must give myself kudos for a great start to the year because it is only day two and I have scrapped a layout already, compared to my 6 layouts that I did all last year. I've sort of transitioned into more of a scrapbooker than a card-maker. I still love card-making because there is great satisfaction in making something and giving it away. I love that feeling of being able to send apart of myself off to someone else and imagining their reaction. There isn't much better than that. I'll post the layout after I add journaling.

Sweet Scraping everyone & Happy 2011.