I'm just a girl who is learning that I'm actually a woman. I'm coming into my own, learning to love the woman I am, and defining myself on my own terms.

Angee Lee Butler is a educator from Houston, TX with a passion for all things creative. Why did I just refer to myself in 3rd person is a mystery to even me. Ha!
Whether it be making cards, scrapbook layouts, photography, graphic design, painting, or sewing I have a burning desire to express myself in any way possible.
It may be my traditional southern upbringing that holds my tongue in uncomfortable situations but you will definitely find my humor and whit her on this blog, and a little bit of self expression too. :-D
I am an educatin’, book readin’, photographin’, papercraftin’ Southern Belle, in a nut shell. (And sometimes I rhyme as well. <—Corny I know. Ha!)

What I love and What you will see on my blog....

Paper-crafts, Home Decor Shopping, and Makeup.

You may also see some DIY, photography, and sewing. I'm just starting to learn about those.

I'm also a teacher by trade and I love my job so there may be some post on that as well.

This is sort of a catch all for every part of me.

I'm am the soon-be-wife to a great man who has inspired me to love again. He's Mr. C. He'll be around every now and then. We're getting married in a few short days and afterward I will be Mrs. ABC. Yes my initials will be ABC. Pretty cool for a teacher right? lol.

You can also find me here.

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