Monday, June 6, 2011

My New Home....

I'm getting my first apartment. I applied on Sunday and I'm hoping to hear back tomorrow on whether I was approved or not. Since this will be my very first apartment I don't really know the process but I love the place. It's 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I'm having a blast on pinterest, craigslist, and etsy planning my upcoming purchases.

I wanted to do an entirely second hand apartment where everything is used but I just can't do second hand fabrics that I can't launder so.....Some things will be purchased new, i.e., couches, upholstered chairs, etc.

Here's what I'm loving and inspired by so far. (If only I could afford all of it...)


Living Room

Source: Restoration Hardware



Source: Tamara Styles



Dining Room



Room View

Source: West Elm

View in Room

Source: Pottery Barn






Source: Calvin Klein

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Source: ZGallerie via Tamara Styles

I am also loving a few DIY projects that I've found online. Like these:

Floating Shelves

Via: Young House Love



Scrabble Pillows

COZY Letter Pillows - Inserts Included

via Pinterest


Striped Curtains - Must have these!!!

Via Pinterest


Scrap Room Inspiration

Via Pinterest

So I have lots of work to do making curtains, and scouring Houston for furniture that looks like the designer brands but cost much MUCH less.

Ciao & hugs,

Angee Lee