Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Layout and another update.

Hi all. 

I'm trying to redesign my blog again and it's not going so well. I was using a custom theme builder theme and just changed it to a stock theme from typepad and my blog is not updating. Ugh. On top of that I designed a simple blog header in photoshop and tried to upload it to the blog and it's not working. I also tried the CSS option found here and it didn't work either. 

Needless to say I've put that off until another day when I don't have a million and one things going on. 

I'm working on a wedding layout for a dear friend. One of her former students is getting married and she wanted a commemorative layout made up using their wedding invitation and save-the-date card. What a great idea right??? Here's a little sneak peek. I don't want to post it just yet incase the bride or groom happens by my blog. 

(Please excuse the photo quality. I took this photo with my iPhone.....)

I've never really been much of a traditional scrapbooker. Being a single girl I always thought it weird to have an entire scrapbook filled with layouts all about me. But this was so much fun that I might just have to get over my reservations and just do it. Maybe scrapbook for other people? I wonder if people even do that. If you do let me know. 

In addition to all that I'm currently frequenting this particular website for reasons I can't reveal just yet. Lets just say I really love Michael Jackson and will be paying tribute to him through dance. So much fun though. You will see what happens with this soon. 

I did help a friend out with her moving garage sale over the weekend and oh my goodness it was so much fun. You can't beat great friends, helping hands, and weird garage sale junkies. Hilarious. Plus I scored a few goodies from my friend Jess. 
I got a desk chair, a Dell LCD monitor, a Canon EOS RebelG 35 mm camera, 2 XL barstools (not shown), a couple a REAL SIMPLE magazines (that I absolutely love), and loads of books, all for only $60 bucks. I offered more but she turned me down. I just love that Jess.  

Sweet hugs, 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding Invites, Summer Plans, & Dove Evolution Vid

Hello All, 


I know I've been away all week. I'm working on wedding invites for a dear friend of mine, another is moving this week, I reconnected with another, and neglected another, so I'm going to be pretty busy with all that for the next 3 weeks. Did I mention it's the end of the school year time and I have to get my classroom packed up??? Um yes, I'm super busy right now. 

Coming up: 

May 20 - Drake Concert

May 30 - Couples Shower for Ilene

June 4th - Last Day of School

June 6th - Copic Certification Class ....Yippee. 

June 1-July 1 - Summer School (taking 2 classes)

July 9th-12th - Wedding Cruise (my very first cruise ever)

I'm also looking into taking a few online photography classes and adobe illustrator classes from I just picked up a Canon EOS Rebel G 35 MM camera at a garage sale for $25 so I'm looking forward to seeing how the cruise pics come out. 

Next on my wishlist is:

Canon 50D (A girl can hope can't she....?)

I'm going to try to make the most of my summer this year and take a little time to relax, and craft. Thank goodness I have a place to post all this in hopes of not forgetting to show up somewhere. I've done it before.

I know you've probably seen this video a million times but something about it makes me feel the real beauty within me. 

Sweet Hugs!! Hope you all have a great week. 


Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother's Love

Happy Mother's Day

A mother's love is unconditional, more than you can ever want or need, always present, and never wavering. I learn that everyday as I interact with my students and become a loving mother to them. Most of them don't want it but need it, or don't need it but want it. I'm just glad that I'm blessed to have a wonderful mother and that I'm able to demonstrate the love she's given me over the last 27 years to 180 students this year. It's truly been life changing for me. 

In honor of all the great Mother's out there, either by choice, profession, or ministry I say kudos for all you do, and the lengths to which you do it everyday, each year.

Here are just a few more cards that I've made of the last few days. I've been giving them away to my students to take home to mom. It's a joy to see kids this age (12-16) actually care enough to ask me to make their mother's cards for Mother's Day.
image from


Patterned Paper: SEI - Bridgeport Collection

Stampin' Up: Classic ink in Taken with Teal, Basic Black

Sentiment: PTI - Signature Greetings

Punches: WRMK Corner Chomper, Fiskars Upper Crest Border Punch

Misc: Stampendous Silver Detail embossing powder


 I've had the most wonderful women in my life. Whether I was born to them, adopted by them, or mentored by them they have truly kept me in line in times when I wanted to stray, and I know that I am so much better for it. I love you ladies dearly. 

My Grandmother - Georgia Lee Holmes

My Mother - Linda D. Butler

My God-Mother - Margaret Walker

My Cousin - Linda Jones

My Cousin - Chantell Davis

My Cousin - Kimmie Holmes

My Friend - Milicent Lewis Lenton

My Former Boss - Yvette Mitchell

There are so many other ladies I can name here. I am truly blessed. 

Sweet Hugs, 


Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Cards: I Love you so much

Hi All, 

It's been a terribly long week and I'm so glad it's the weekend. I've been making oodles of Mother's Day cards for students this week so I've been in a crafting and teaching marathon. So much fun and so exhausting as well. 

I have another card for you today. 

image from


Patterned Paper: SEI - Bridgeport Collection

Stampin' Up: Classic ink in Taken with Teal

Sentiment: PTI - Signature Greetings

Punches: WRMK Corner Chomper, Stampin' Up! Scallop Border Punch 

    This card was for one of my students. He actually wanted three cards from me for this holiday, one for mom, grandmom, and his aunt. How sweet is that??

Here's a little music for you. Love these two. Lisa Lavie & David Sides

Sweet hugs, 


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Cards: Mom's the best

Hi All, 

Thank goodness TAKS testing is over. It was a terribly long week last week. I even had training all day on saturday, so I've been and still am pretty exhausted. However, I have had time to craft this week and I've been doing lots of it. I have oodles of orders for Mother's Day Cards and I've been busy busy busy since monday cranking them out and boy has it been fun. Please give me some feedback. 

Also I'm donating lots of scrap paper to a few of my favorite crafters in the next few day. If you know of any charities/organizations that I can donate to please leave me a comment or send me an email at angeebutler {at} me {dot} com. 

The first card I'm posting this week is for one of my students. He is so kind, and thoughtful. He asked me for 3 cards for his mother, his grandmother, and his aunt. I sure hope they like them. 

image from


Patterned Paper: SEI - Bridgeport Collection

Stampin' Up: Classic ink in Taken with Teal

Sentiment: PTI - Signature Greetings

Punches: WRMK Corner Chomper

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tool Spotlight: Craftwell eCraft

Hi all.     

    I'm so glad that it's National Scrapbooking Month. What an exciting time in the creative world of papercrafts, alterable, digital crafting, and so much more. I've been crafting up a storm and having so much fun. Seems that I can't craft when I'm stressed so since my kids have been TAKS testing here in TX for the last week haven't scrapped in 7 days. It's about time to dive into some patterned paper and adhesive. It's the small things that make me happy. he he.

    Today I'm spotlighting a great machine that was suggested to me via Rhonda Daniels. I'd mentioned that I was looking into purchasing the Silhouette SD, and she sent me an link to a great Youtube video showcasing the Craftwell eCraft Electronic Cutting System. (


The first video is by Noel Hyman of from CHA 2010. She gives some great introductory information regarding creating your own images, selling your custom images online, and much more.


The next video is a demonstration using the purple version of the machine and gives a great tutorial on how to use the machine.


The last video is showcasing the the software that is used with the Craftwell eCraft.

The next video is showcasing the iPhone app that works with the eCraft machine.


  • Beautiful colors

  • No cutting mats needed

  • Create and cut your own images

  • The ability to cut banners from rolls of paper

  • Sell your images through Craftwell eCraft Central

  • Can be used to cut edible shapes

  • Computer not required, but awesome software available

  • Draws and Cuts at the same time without changing tools

  • The cutting tray where you can cut multiple images without having to reload individual sheets of paper.

  • Professional model which can be used as a commercial production machine


  • You paper must be less than 1 mm thick paper

  • Has not been released just yet. (I'm sure there is going to be a line to get one of these) Projected release Spring 2010

  • Not MAC compatible just yet. 

  • Only the professional version of the machine will alow you to use SVG images to cut. 

Differences between the Models: 

The basic unit has a B&W display and will come with one SD Fun Card. The deluxe unit has a color screen and will be bundled with two SD Fun cards. We are planning a unit designed for heavier use that is ideal for craft stores, clubs and power users, It will be equipped with a heavy duty motor drive and other industrial features. All units will have the same cutting capabilities.

Price: MSRP 

Basic Model: ~$259

Professional Model: ~ $399

Basic Software: ~ $69.99

Pro Software: ~ $159.99

SD Cards: ~$39

     Seems to me this machine can do everything that the Silhouette & Cricut machines can do. But will it create enough of a buzz to compete with such well respected companies?? I'd be really interested in testing this machine out to see if it lives up to all that I think it can do.

Tell me what you think? Would you like one??

    In addition to all that I'm also highligting a video posted by Jennifer McGuire (one of my favorite crafty ladies) that she posted on her youtube account last week.. In this vid she shows us her favorite crafting tools. 

Some of my favs are the We Are Memory Keepers Corner Chomper, my ATG guns (yes I have both sizes), and dimensional adhesive. 

 What are your favorite craft tools?

Sweet Hugs, 


Stampin' Up! 2010 Summer Mini

Hi All, 

Here's a quick video showing some of the newest products from the Stampin' Up! 2010 Summer Mini. I've my eye on quite a few things. What's on your wish list??

Click Here to visit my website to order. I'm ordering more (for me....he he) in about 2 weeks. 

Here is the new Summer Mini Catalog.

Summer Mini US Final Small

 Click the photo to download the PDF version. 


Supply List


Ta Ta for now. 


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy NSD (National Scrapbook Day) everyone. I had to work this morning so I'm celebrating by blog hopping today. I'm sure we all are. Let mw know what I should look at today. Also the new Stampin Up! Summer Mini just came out. What do you have your eye on?