Once you tap into your creative juices whether it be scrapbooking, or cardmaking they hardly ever seem to stop flowing, rather they transfer from one project to the next. Everything you see around you, you get the notion that, “That’s easy. I can make that” and you really believe that you can. You become totally obsessed about it, google it, bookmark all the wonderful blogs dedicated to it, and you find that you actually CAN make almost everything you see. Key Word: Almost. ha!!
Here is the fruition of all that research that I’ve done on a few of my favorite hobbies.
*Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials*
Karla Dudley – PS

*Sew Sweet Bloggers*
Sew Mama Sew Tutorials

*Fashion Bloggers*
One thing I’ve recently loved reading is fashion blogs. What’s a fashion Blog?? It’s a blog where people, though mostly women, post pics of what/who they are wearing, either daily or at least a couple times a week. It’s great to see how these ladies put together outfits and rework the same pair of shoes or dress.
Closet Confections – Kendra

*Some of my other favorite people online:*