Thursday, August 4, 2011

Style my Home, Moving update, and I do's.

The best part about moving....if there is actually a good decorating. And what's even better is the fact that I moved from a semi-remote suburb (where the only shopping around was 2 Walmarts ....ridiculous right, like anyone needs 2 walmarts...and a recently built Marshall's, JCPenney, and Ross) to a suburb that has EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING (well, ok almost everything...don't bust my bubble here, ok). My old neighborhood left a lot to be desired in terms of accessibility. While I always found great finds at these stores it was few and far between and they weren't of the best quality.

My new location is in stark contrast to my former diggs. Here in Webster, TX I'm still in the suburbs but only a stones throw away from a major mall, the beach, and a plethora of stores. How about I name a few......

Can you believe it? I can't. When we picked this apartment it was solely because it was close to work for both me and my fiance' and I wanted to be off the tollway. I spent over $1000 in toll fees last year because of my commute and don't even get me started on gasoline. The apartment we chose is away from the main shopping areas but literally a few blocks away from the major highway, the mall, and all the great shopping.

The added bonus is the food. There is probably every fast food place that you could ever dream of on top of some of the great major food chains that I frequent often.

And trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg. Coming from a place where everything I enjoyed required a 30 minute commute to having access to almost anything has been a blast.

I really like my home to be a sanctuary. I'm a homebody and like to be away from the hustle and bustle of the big city but having the access and not having the commute. It's been a blast.

So of course that means I've been doing a bit of shopping  browsing. (Hey I'm getting married in a week so I'm on a budget right now).

Here are a few of my finds.

All of these items were from my *newly* local HomeGoods. 
Side table. Love Love Love this. Didn't buy it but I love it. 

Text Lamp w/ Tripod Base

Mirrored Side Table

Side chairs. And as you can see $99.99
Great finds right....Even though I was just browsing these finds give me confidence that I will find great things often. 

Oh and one last place I was pleased to find......Goodwill. 

So I set out on a mission to find my local goodwill yesterday. I'm an avid goodwill supporter. I donate to goodwill at least 4 times a year and I also support them by shopping there whenever I need something specific. 

Yesterday I was looking for a bedskirt. Who knew bedskirts were so expensive?!! My search started online. Target had them for $20-$35 dollars, as did and Yeah, well I was not about to spend that when I knew I could do better. A quick google search led me to seek out the local goodwill and success. They had a bed skirt that matched my master bedroom decor and for only $3.99 I think it was definitely worth it. Sorry I don't have a pic. It's in need of repair and is currently on my sewing table. 

But just like any shopaholic good shopper I also browsed around a bit and happened upon the find of the century.....for only $3.99

Huskystar 224
Hello sewing machine. I have been in the market for over a year for a new sewing machine. I have a Janome Sew Mini that I bought from 2 years ago but it never quite worked well and i ended up returning it. (Well I didn't return it but the warranty paid me for it because it was broken so I still have it but it doesn't work and when I filed a claim with the warranty I had to send in the power cord for the machine so I'm without the power cord and the owner of a machine that doesn't work.....sigh, yeah long least I got my $35 back).

I really purchased the machine because I'm a crafter and I sew on paper but after reading Erica Bunker's blog for the past few years she really has inspired me to make my own clothes. How awesome would it be if I could just make my own clothes.....Oh I can't wait.

Oh and if you love goodwill but don't have one nearby you can also shop online at

I did pick up one more thing this week and it might be kinda important in oh.....9 days.

This one was probably my favorite purchase of the week. 



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